1. We market products and services that meet and – if possible – exceed our customer’s requirements in terms of their technical characteristics, as well as meet all relevant legal and regulatory requirements

2. We fully understand the needs and special requirements of our customers

3. We implement sound and documented research based on real data supported by modern hardware and software technologies

4. We implement a complete well-documented study, based in real data, supported by modern material and software technologies 

5. We present the design of each project in detail

6. We carry out an autopsy on the project site in order to obtain a complete picture of the existing situation

7. We take measures to protect the environment in compliance with environmental legislation and the internationally agreed standard ISO 14001 : 2015

8. Chartered engineer oversees all types of work to ensure quality and deliver the project within the specified deadline

9. We carry out checks, measurements and adjustments before the projects are put into operation

10. We conduct  reports , measurements and settings before every startup of our projects

11. We are committed to immediate response and repair of any damage and we offer a guarantee of good operation for all our projects

12. After the completion of the project, we remain next to the customer, ensuring its uninterrupted and efficient operation

13. We offer preventive maintenance and technical support services through monitoring systems and regular reports

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