Construction & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems 

The construction of a photovoltaic system is a long-term investment, as its time horizon is at least 20 years. Therefore, your investment must remain operational and efficient and to the maximum extent possible and this is achieved through the continuous maintenance of the photovoltaic system by a specialized partner.

The main reasons for the systematic maintenance of a PV system installation are many and are mostly found in the following:  

• Immediate diagnosis and detection of damage – dysfunction and its rapid restoration

• Avoid losing profits (every hour and day without production is irrevocably lost)

• Reduction of the likelihood of technical problems of the equipment and therefore the financial burden for their repair

• Reduction of the likelihood of accidents

• Slowing down the process of wear and tear – ageing of the equipment

• Compliance with terms and conditions of validity of construction guarantees, for the replacement or repair of installed equipment which is under warranty

• Preparation of technical reports for banking institutions and insurance companies in cases of claiming damages due to insured events (e.g. natural disasters, thefts, extreme weather events)

• Extraction of useful conclusions and creation of forecasts for the operation of the P.V. station, through the processing of the history of periodic production and maintenance reports

• Ensuring the optimal operation of the PV station, aiming at the highest financial returns of the investment

In addition to the above parameters concerning the safety of all and securing the investment, the maintenance process and the existence of a corresponding contract by a specialized company is provided by law to ensure the reliability of the electrical installation (Article 5, FEK 470), while as a prerequisite, in order for the owner of the unit to receive his compensation, both in terms of material guarantee and from his insurance company in case of damage.

Renko Energy Maintenance Department

The Renko Energy Maintenance Department was created in 2019 in order to meet the warranty requirements of the photovoltaic power plants installed for its customers. Today, Renko Energy maintains over 30MWp of Photovoltaic power plants and Systems.

According to the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 the Renko Energy Maintenance Department consists exclusively by trained, qualified and experienced staff.

The organization, experience, equipment and staffing of the Maintenance Department are the guarantees for the safe and efficient operation of your photovoltaic system.

The package of Integrated Maintenance Services includes:

  • Preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Remote monitoring of the station
  • Immediate technical support in case of malfunctions or failures (24/7 emergency interventional maintenance)
  • Cleaning of photovoltaic panels 
  • Grass cutting, leaf clearing and weeding
  • RISO measurements of problematic photovoltaic arrays 
  • Soil grounding resistance measurements – functional groundings 
  • Thermographic Inspection of Photovoltaic Installations - photovoltaic panels– electrical tables – adaptors. Thermal Stress Analysis and MPPT Optimization of Photovoltaic Systems

Our goal is to ensure the maximum possible efficiency of the photovoltaic power plant under maintenance, to protect its electromechanical equipment and to ensure long-term investment.
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