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What is Net Metering?

The offsetting of produced-consumed energy (known by the term net-metering) is one of the tools for promoting self-production and self-consumption with RES. Net-metering allows the consumer to cover a significant part of his own consumption up to 100%, while also giving him the opportunity to use the network for indirect storage of green energy.

The term "net" derives from the fact that the consumer's debit/credit refers to the difference between energy consumed and produced over a certain period of time.

With extensive experience installing and maintaining Photovoltaic systems, Renko Energy has the know-how to offer comprehensive solutions for designing, procuring, and installing PV systems on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, according to the customers' needs. The company uses state-of-the-art means to develop the best techno-economic solution, based on the energy profile of the residence or enterprise it undertakes.

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